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In-content, interactive, HTML module slider.

Trying to decide what TV a person should buy is more difficult than it ever has been before. Screen size, technology, sound, and light are a few factors among many that should influence your purchase.

Now enter the QLED vs OLED, interactive, HTML slider. This guide helps to lead a user in the correct dimension using the two most important factors:

How far will I be sitting away from the screen?

What is the lighting of the room the TV will live in?

Using these two factors, a person can narrow down an approximate screen size, as well as figure out the type of technology being used within the screen they should shop for.


  • DTMG


  • Will Hawkins
  • Sr. UX Designer
  • Ben Hermel
  • Design Director
  • Brandon Clark
  • Director of Engineering
  • Richard Benjamin
  • Software Engineer


- UX / UI / IA design

- Wireframes

- Mocks

- Prototypes

- asset creation

- QA


- UI animation

- HTML build

- Asset creation