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Many of us in the world find ourselves in a rut. An unbreakable routine that our bodies and minds 
default to if fate decides not to point us in a specific direction. We have thoughts revolving around how we ended up stuck in this loop of consistency. The hope of escape fades away. Everyone is guilty of being overwhelmed and giving into routine. A fresh approach is necessary. A fresh approach does not simply set your mind in a new direction. In fact, all direction has been removed. We become lost in the approach and search for the unusual. Our bare feet and ripped clothing do not match our white collars handed out by society. A balance is necessary.

This publication is exactly that: a fresh approach to our lives. Lives balanced between the white collar workforce, and the culture surrounding those we refer to as “granolas.” Primarily location-based, you 
will notice that the content of this publication thrives on the motifs provided by our travels. I want to create an impressive design and use beautiful photography that will help guide your way. Derived from adventure, I present the perfect medium in which to acknowledge technology, nature, and the small details we take for granted every day.