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Global design system for a growing media company.


To continue its growth as the largest independent innovation media company on the planet, Digital Trends Media Group (DTMG) needed to expand into new markets efficiently and fluently.


As the Sr. UX Designer, I set out with my team to create a user-centered, global design system. Utilizing an extensive ecosystem of responsive templates, modules, and components, we paved the way for infinite scalability of DTMG properties.


UX research, wireframes, and user testing on Digital Trends, the main property, set the stage for current and future properties in other markets.

I built a global design system library that improved internal workflows, expanded site functionality, and enhanced the visual appeal of all sites.

global color palette – digitaltrends.com

global type specs – digitaltrends.com

Thanks to user-centered design, SEO, growth testing, and innovation, the end product was a masterclass in global design systems spanning 10 properties and counting.

DTMG Properties

The system will enhance the experience of both internal and external users, offering a platform to surface content consistently and creatively.

For an in-depth case study on my design system for DTMG, feel free to reach out via my contact page.



  • Will Hawkins
  • Sr. UX Designer
  • Seth Terpstra
  • Design Director
  • Brandon Clark
  • Director of Engineering
  • Richard Benjamin
  • Software Engineer


  • Figma



Adobe CC


  • DotComm Awards
  • Marcom Awards
  • Digiday Awards
  • Folio: 100
  • Top Women in Media: Folio: + AdMonsters
  • The Communicator Awards
  • Viddy Awards